Fortress LDK122W 12' Wall Duct Kit - 4.5"
  • Fortress LDK122W 12' Wall Duct Kit - 4.5"
  • Fortress LDK122W 12' Wall Duct Kit - 4.5"

Fortress LDK122W 12' Wall Duct Kit - 4.5"

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Fortress LDK122W 12' Wall Duct Kit - 4.5"

Complete kit! The Fortress LKD Wall Duct Kit includes 12' of duct and essential fittings. Everything to quickly hide and protect the lineset for a typical AC installation in one box 

Carton Contents: 

  • 3x LD122W Duct Lenghts 4' Long 
  • 2x LJ122W - Couplers 
  • 1x LW122W - Wall Inlet 
  • 1x LEN122W - End Fitting 
  • 1x LK122W - 90 degree flat ell

Fortress professional duct/ fitting system hides unsightly AC lineset. 2 duct sizes - 3.5" and 4.5", accommodate single or multiple lineset configurations. Longer ducting lenght - 8ft. Allows for fewer joints 

Complete fitting line. 17 fittings assure a complete professional finish for even the most demanding installations. 1 Year Warranty. Professional grade polymers to deliver long lasting durability.

Available Colors:

  • White - LDK122W
  • Ivory - LDK122I

Fortress Professional Grade Lineset Covers

Fortress lineset cover series was specifically developed to bridge the gap between the lightweight and the more costly lineset cover products available on the market. Made in the USA, Fortress has a number of of innovations to suit the USA conditions - such as 8' lengths of duct and a 12 month garauntee. Available in 2 sizes and 4 different colors Fortress offers the strength and longevity at a moderate price point.



  • Application - Fortress is perfect for minisplits, high velocity and conventional split Air conditioning systems. 
  • Strong - Fortress ducting is extruded with our special formula rigid polyvinyl chloride, which is UV and weather resistant The result is a long lasting quality product that will remain attractive and provide protection for many years. 
  • Protective - Fortress protects linesets, wiring and drain pipes from weather, vandalism and pest damage.
  • Easy to install - Fortress installs quickly, and can be easily accessed for repairs or replacement of the lineset. 
  • Stylish - Fortress eliminates unsightly lineset used in a typical installation. Ducting is available in two lineset sizes and four neutral colors - white, ivory, brown and gray to compliment any residential or commercial building. 
  • Paintable - Brush, spray or roller to match or compliment custom colors. Follow paint manufacturers recommendations for vinyl products. 

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