MHS Multi-Size Small TuffBox Register Box 6x6 - 4, 5, 6"

MHS Multi-Size Small TuffBox Register Box 6x6 - 4, 5, 6"

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MHS Multi-Size Small TuffBox Register Box 6x6 - 4, 5, 6"

Reinventing HVAC ceiling diffusion.

With a patented one piece grille, box, damper combination and a lightning quick 73 second installation time, the MVSeries of diffusers by Airtec is designed specifi cally for the job-site and the contractor. Compare the performance, fi t, fi nish and the 80% reduction in installation time of our MV Classic to understand why they are quickly becoming the new industry standard. For your premium installations and discriminating homeowners, MV Retro combines contemporary polymer construction with the appearance and feel of true antique cast iron styled diffusers, without the cost and weight. Today, our evolution continues. Smart, strong MH TuffBox polymer register boxes and limited clearance polymer diffuser choices are proven to deliver quicker installation time and more job site options than their cumbersome metal counterparts. We don't waste your time. We save you time and keep you ahead of your competitors. Go with Airtec, the leader in high-tech quick install polymer diffusers and accessories.


Quick rough-in polymer register box for HVAC system installations 

  • Strong. Durable heavy gauge polymer one piece shell will deliver 100% air flow. 
  • Silent. Tuffbox is virtually air tight, delivering 100% of the air flowing through it. 
  • Secure. Screw to the framing using holes provided or anywhere through the box. 
  • No measuring. No guesswork. 5/8" standoffs provide correct depth to accommodate strapping or furring used with drywall. 
  • Adaptable. Innovative stepped collar with quick breakaway design accommodates three duct sizes to provide on-site flexibility. 

Constructed with our patented tear away boot design the TuffBox is the way to go when installing a register box. Molded from polymers the adaptable one piece boot design of the TuffBox is flexible enough to conform to drywall backing eliminating leakage between grille and box. Standoffs of 5/8" provide the correct depth to accomodate strapping or furring used with drywall. If those won't work for you simply screw from the inside to anywhere in the framing, the TuffBox can take it!


  • Duct Sizes - 4" 5" 6"
  • Max Ceiling Thickness - N/A
  • Strap Included -Y
  • Integral Damper - N
  • Required Hole Diameter -N/A
  • Temperature Range - N/A
  • AK Factor -N/A

Carton Contents: 

  • 1 Tuff Box
  • 1 Strap