PR351NL Plarock Polymer Ivory Riser For Outdoor Unit - 4" x 39" 888lb

PR351NL Plarock Polymer Ivory Riser For Outdoor Unit - 4" x 39" 888lb

Brand: Airtec


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PR351NL Plarock Polymer Ivory Riser For Condenser / Outdoor Unit - 4" x 39" 888lb

Airtec mounting equipment is designed for strength, versatility, vibration absorption and longevity.

  • Strength. Only high grade steel for our brackets, only high impact and rugged anti-vibration polymers for our risers, and only reinforced heavy duty nylon for our H-Frames.
  • Versatility. Sliding frame and adjustable mounts, make it possible to correctly mount all brands of condensers with one bracket.
  • Vibration absorption. Nylon and polymer risers, rubber mounts and footings absorb and reduce vibration.
  • Longevity. Stainless steel, galvanized steel, high quality powdercoat, UV resistant polymer /nylon and cadmium plated hardware ensure all weather protection.


Polymer Risers

Simple and secure support for condensers and small equipment. They are light, durable, and weather resistant. Made of PVC. Our riser selection provides simple and secure mounting for small and large piping systems, ductwork runs, cable trays and smaller equipment such as condensers. Manufactured from exterior grade materials and offering a fully adjustable mounting track.


  • Material - PVC
  • Coating - N/A
  • Capacity - 888lb.
  • Length - 39.5" Width - 4" Height - 3.75"

Carton Contents:

  • Riser (2)